APPLITECH 2025: International Trade Show for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing of Appliances & Consumer Electronics

APPLITECH 2025: International Trade Show for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing of Appliances & Consumer Electronics

A151 Srl, the organizers of leading international trade shows – E-TECH EUROPE (technologies for electric vehicles), E-CHARGE (EV charging infrastructure), REFRIGERA (refrigeration industry) and ZEROEMISSION MEDITERRANEAN (renewables and future energy technologies) – are pleased to announce APPLITECH 2025, the new international trade show for appliances and consumer electronics production.

The first edition of APPLITECH 2025 will take place in the prestigious Bologna Exhibition Center, on 12-14 November 2025, in hall 19.

APPLITECH 2025 is the first and only European trade show exclusively dedicated to the production of APPLIANCES and CONSUMER ELECTRONICS in all its aspects: technologies, equipment, machinery, accessories, components, parts and spare parts, materials, logistics and services. A real business and networking event tailor made for the APPLIANCES and CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES.

In an exhibition area of over 12,000 square meters, hundreds of companies will showcase the best of national and international technologies and services, and their novelties: in this supply chain sector, al well as many others, Italy is at the forefront of the world, and its companies are leaders in innovation, technologies, export and market share.

APPLITECH 2025 will bring together thousands of globally renowned experts from appliance and consumer electronics manufacturing industries and their value chain suppliers, managers, technicians, planners, installers, dealers, distributors, retailers, investors, institutions and association, science and academia, policy-makers, NGOs, research centers and consultants.

APPLITECH 2025 will also host FORTRONIC 2025, the benchmark event for technological innovations in power electronics.

The event will include the extensive program of meetings and conferences of the WORLD APPLIANCE CONFERENCE (WAC 2025): the latest issues for the various sectors involved will be addressed by members of the academic world, industry and prestigious research centres, together with industry associations and institutions.

Therefore, attending APPLITECH 2025 all professional operators in the sector will have the chance to update, meet and make business at an event exclusively created to respond to their needs and demands.