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Come and discover the next and most advanced intelligent transportation system based on modular electric vehicle swarms. Request your experience!


  1. Pre-register online and download your ticket for the event. Those without entrance tickets will not be allowed access to the fair grounds and test-drive area.
  2. Choose the model you wish to test-drive, then send your request to participate to NEXT modular vehicles by filling in the form below.
  3. NEXT modular vehicles will thereafter process your email and take charge of your request.
  4. NEXT modular vehicles will be entirely responsible for all test-driving at the Fair.
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  6. All test-drive requests are handled directly, and exclusively, by NEXT modular vehicles. For further information, contact Tommaso Gecchelin at:

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The project back in 2016, still in the pre-prototype phase, has received immediate and considerable media coverage on major world and national newspapers: Wired, Fast Company, Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, Focus etc…

Thanks to this media coverage, the project was noticed by the Sheik of Dubai, who posted a Tweet about the future of transportation in the Emirati city, exemplified with the image of the Next modules.

Next then won a startup competition in Dubai that secured the first contract to supply two vehicles for the first trials at the Arab metropolis.

Getplus quickly built the first two working prototypes, already able to connect and disconnect with each other, and presented them at the Dubai World Government Summit 2018.

Since 2018, the project has been taken from a prototype phase to a pre-industrial phase, thanks to Getplus SRL’s team of engineers. It was in 2019 obtained the release of the test plate by the Italian Ministry of Transport and in 2020 the positive homologation pre-assessment received by TUV Rheinland on the model engineered in the new 2020 version.

The new version of Next also integrates 3 new patents of the total 5 on which the project is based and determines its uniqueness on the market.

Getplus in 2021 manufactured 2 vehicles for the experimentation in Padua and further 5 vehicles for Dubai, where it also attended EXPO 2020.

Next is a modular electric vehicle, i.e. capable of being joined, even on the move, with other identical modules, while also intended for different uses. Once joined, the vehicles, equipped not only with a side door, but also with front and rear doors, can open these doors and allow passengers to move between the pods to regroup according to their destinations. Each module is as long as a Smart ForTwo but as tall and wide as a bus, so it can accommodate up to 16 people, 10 standing and 5+1 sitting. It features a manual dashboard and an automated alignment and docking system.

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