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Choose your electric motorcycle, request your test drive by filling out the form and come to the track to try your electric motorcycle!


  1. Pre-register online and download your ticket for the event. Those without entrance tickets will not be allowed access to the fair grounds and test-drive area.
  2. Choose the model you wish to test-drive, then send your request to participate to Nawa Technologies by filling in the form below.
  3. Nawa Technologies will thereafter process your email and take charge of your request.
  4. Nawa Technologies will be entirely responsible for all test-driving at the Fair.
  5. Nawa Technologies will also be responsible for all processing of your personal data.
  6. All test-drive requests are handled directly, and exclusively, by Nawa Technologies. For further information, contact Ronald Degraaf at:

Choose from the models available for the test drive


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Our vision is to develop technologies that enable highly efficient energy transition, And the key to this is our Ultra Fast Carbon Battery Technology. At NAWATechnologies, we are developing new solutions that improve energy conversion, storage, transport and efficiency by using carbon as the material of choice. Carbon is abundant, accessible and naturally occurring. Minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and improving the life cycle end of our products, by re-using, recovering and recycling is at the heart of what we do.

Created in April 2013, NAWATechnologies benefits from over 15 years of R&D work on nanomaterials. Today, NAWATechnologies, strengthened by its 24 employees, has its own pilot production line and creates new interface materials and an innovative generation of ultracapacitors and batteries electrodes.

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