The measures in force in our Exhibition Center

Updated March 2022

The BolognaFiere Group (Bologna Exhibition Centre) guarantees visitors, exhibitors and organizers the safe participation in the fairs and events taking place in its Exhibition Center.

From Friday, April 1, 2022, no Green Pass is needed to access the fairs: the provision is part of the measures to overcome the health emergency introduced by the Government with Decree Law 24 of March 24, 2022.

The ban on gatherings and the obligation to maintain interpersonal distance are always valid within the Exhibition Center.

Access to the exhibition center

During the events, all people entering the Exhibition Center (operators, fitters, exhibitors, visitors, guests, etc.) must:

  • have a body temperature below 37.5°;
  • wear the surgical or FFP2 mask;
  • have an entrance ticket (ticket, accreditation, exhibitor pass, etc.)

Inside the fair, people must have:

  • the Green Pass to access table and counter catering services;
  • the super Green Pass to access conferences and congresses.

Anyone who enters the exhibition center to carry out their work (exhibitors, operators, suppliers, etc.) must be in possession of the Green Pass.

When there are no exhibitions, operators who enter the Exhibition Center for setting up and dismantling must:

  • have a body temperature below 37.5°;
  • wear the surgical or FFP2 mask;
  • have the Green Pass;
  • have an entrance ticket (downloadable from the platform dedicated to suppliers

The super Green Pass is the EU digital Covid certificate that is obtained by vaccination or by healing. It therefore does not include carrying out a rapid or molecular antigen test.

The Green Pass is the EU digital Covid certificate that is obtained by vaccination, healing, rapid or molecular antigen test with negative result.


What BolognaFiere does for safety

  • At the 5 entrances to the Exhibition Center – Calzoni/Maserati, Costituzione, Michelino, Moro, Nord – we check the Green Passes and measure the temperatures through portals with infrared cameras or with operators equipped with thermoscanners;
  • We have invested in the adaptation and improvement of the performance of air conditioning systems to ensure adequate air exchange, following the instructions of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS);
  • Our security staff check the correct use of the mask and the interpersonal distance, guaranteed by the width of the pavilions;
  • We have widened the aisles and decreased the density of the stands during the events to ensure spacing;
  • We have set up a system of signs, in Italian and English, to remind all of the main containment measures of Covid-19;
  • For most of our events, we have chosen to adopt online tickets as the main or exclusive method, to lighten the queues at the cash desks;
  • We have set up a registration system that allows us to keep visitors’ data for at least 14 days, when they purchase the ticket (online or in person), as required by the legislation on contact tracing;
  • We guarantee thorough cleaning and sanitation of the common areas;
  • We have positioned sanitizing gel dispensers in about a hundred points in the Exhibition Center;
  • During the events and in the set-up and dismantling phases, we have provided a Covid emergency plan and a medical first aid service with specialized personnel.


What exhibitors must do for safety

Within the stand each exhibitor:

  • is responsible for enforcing the safety and containment measures of the pandemic;
  • must make sanitizing gel dispensers available;
  • must provide for cleaning and sanitizing;
  • must organize the spaces so that entry, stay and exit take place in an orderly manner and respecting the distance;
  • can obtain offices and reserved areas but always ensuring adequate air exchange;
  • when setting up, he/she is invited to prefer easily washable materials;
  • in the case of touch screens, a sanitizing gel dispenser must be placed next to it;
  • in the event of the distribution of informative, promotional materials and gadgets, he/she is invited to use self-service displays;
  • in the case of presentations, demonstrations and events in general, he/she must ensure compliance with the containment measures of the pandemic and is invited to keep a register of participants in accordance with the legislation on contact tracing.


Conferences guidelines

The organizers of the conferences must organize the spaces in the rooms in order to ensure orderly access and interpersonal distancing, preferring separate paths for the entry and the exit.

The use of a mask is always mandatory.

It is necessary to make dispensers for hand sanitation available in several places in the room.

The speakers’ table and the podium for presentations must be arranged at a safe distance from surrounding people to allow speakers and moderators to intervene without using a mask.

If more than one person needs to use the same remote control, PC, device or other object or device in common, cleaning with disinfectant must be carried out between one use and another.


Catering guidelines

The catering services within the Exhibition Center comply with the rules established by the national legislative decrees and the guidelines for economic and social activities.

The catering areas have been expanded to ensure spacing.

Service personnel in contact with customers must use the mask.

Customers must frequently sanitize their hands and wear face masks when not seated at the table.

Exhibitors can organize buffets or catering services within their stand in compliance with the measures in force. The self-service mode is allowed by adopting organizational solutions that guarantee interpersonal distance. We recommend the use of disposable dishes and glasses.

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